Frequently Asked Questions


No, the city has a non-refundable activation fee of $75 for utilities.

You will need to fill out a utility application form at City Hall. If you are renting, instead of owning, we also will need a copy of a signed lease agreement.

Electric – Electric energy charge

Customer Charge – Electric customer charge (the same each month)

EL Demand– Demand charge (typically for larger businesses)

Energy Adjustment – Fuel cost adjustment (either a charge or credit-covers various cost of producing and delivering wholesale electricity)

Franchise Fee – Franchise Fee (based on electric usage)

Water Protection – Water Protection Tax (collected for the State of Kansas)

Sewer – Sewer charge

Space light – Space light rental

Storm Water – Storm Water Utility Charge (based on type of lot: residential or business)

Water – Water charge

Tax – Sales tax