Resident FAQs

How do I reserve the train, train depot or a shelter in the park? What are the train hours?


How do I get a permit and what needs a permit?


Does Wamego have a breed ban on dogs?

  • Wamego does not have a breed ban on dogs. Please view our Pets section for pet rules and regulations.

Can I plant a tree in my front yard? 

  • If it is within the City right of way please contact the City Office.

What types of trees would the City recommend for our area? 

When will the snow plows get to my street? Does the City have parking restrictions during a snow event?

  • The City has a snow route where emergency routes are cleared first, then secondary streets, and then the remainder of town will be plowed.

  • The City does not have restrictions on street parking during a snow event; however, cars parked on the street may have more snow around them from the plows pushing the snow off of the streets.


How do I report a street light out, tree limbs on power lines, potholes, etc.?


Who do I contact to report a power outage?


Where can I get information about Utilities?

  • Please visit our Utilities FAQs

CALL: (785) 456-9119

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