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Before starting a project


Please Contact the City when in doubt, and to insure that your project complies with all City codes prior to incurring construction costs. If you are starting a project just outside the City, but within the Wamego Zoning Jurisdiction, you must check with the City for compliance with zoning regulations, even though City building codes are not applied outside city limits.  Finally, if your project requires excavation, call 1-800-DIG-SAFE to insure that all owners of underground utilities have a chance to mark their utility lines at your dig site.  This service is free of charge and could save you a lot of grief.


Projects that will require a building permit from the City:

  • Large construction projects such as new homes, businesses, additions and interior alterations (remodeling).
  • Running new electric, plumbing or forced air lines through the walls, ceiling or floor of a house or other building.
  • Replacing the electrical panel box.
  • Replacing sewer laterals.
  • Making curb cuts and excavating into City streets for driveways or other features.
  • Constructing fences.
  • Placing smaller buildings such as sheds. (May only require zoning review.)
  • Constructing decks over 30 inches above the ground.
  • Sign installation.
  • Also, secure a demolition permit to remove buildings over 200 sq. ft. in area.


The City does not require permits for the following work:

  • Non-structural roofing.
  • Installing siding materials.
  • Replacing windows and doors.
  • Residential cabinets.
  • Floor finishing such as tiling, linoleum, carpeting.
  • Home security and communications systems under 25V/50 watt.
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures:  toilet, lavatory, shower.
  • Replacing lighting fixtures.
  • Replacing furnaces or water heaters.
  • Roof guttering.
  • Small “flat work” projects such as patios, sidewalks or adding driveway width.
  • Lawn irrigation.  This does not take a permit, however contact the City for the required inspection of the backflow preventer.


For more information, visit our Code Enforcement section.


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