Policies & Procedures

Practice Times

Practice times are scheduled through WRD by each team’s head coach. At the coach’s meeting, the coach will select one permanent practice time. Each week the coach may contact WRD to schedule an additional practice time. Coaches may contact WRD on Wednesday after 10 am to schedule an additional practice time for the following week. Additional practice times will not be scheduled further out than the next week. Any questions or problems with practice times will be handled by the head coach.

Team Placement Policy

Players are sorted and arranged by age, talent, skill and experience. The desired outcome is for teams in each league to have an equal number of players of each age and an equal balance of talent, skill and experience. 
Self-Rating Scale for Youth Programs (excluding baseball/softball season)

  • (1) Least Skilled, never played
  • (2) Below Average
  • (3) Average
  • (4) Above Average
  • (5) Very Skilled, played on a traveling team

Players who have parents coaching will be placed together.  Two coaches will be selected to each team (one head coach, one assistant coach), provided team balance is not affected.  In order to make this process fair, no request for placement of players on certain teams will be accepted.


Inclement Weather Information

In case of inclement weather, the Recreation Staff will determine whether or not to play by 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, and by 11:00 A.M. on Saturday and Sunday - or at least two hours before game time.  If a decision has not been made by the designated times, all decisions will be made by the Recreation Staff on duty at the playing site.


Information concerning cancellation and postponement can be obtained by calling (785) 456-1666,  by checking our website or visiting our Facebook page.  Help us keep everyone informed!


Every effort will be made to reschedule cancelled games.  However, facility space and time may be limited.  Therefore, at times, it may be impossible to reschedule games. Rescheduled games will be posted/communicated in a timely manner (usually 1-2 days).  Due to facility and time restraints, rescheduled games may not be scheduled for the day of the week that your games are normally scheduled.


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