Flood Management Plan Annual Progress report 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019






            The City of Wamego is a participant in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) thereby allowing property owners within its jurisdiction to purchase flood insurance through the agency.  In addition, the City is an approved Community Rating System (CRS) community.  The CRS program allows owners within approved communities to receive a discount on flood insurance premiums since the community conducts activities and programs that go beyond minimal NFIP requirements in protecting residents from flood hazards in its jurisdiction.   As a Class 9 CRS Community, Wamego jurisdiction property owners may receive a 5% reduction on flood insurance premiums.


            The Wamego jurisdiction under the NFIP includes not only the City itself, but also the Wamego Extraterritorial Zoning Jurisdiction, an irregular shaped area that extends up to 1.6 miles outside the City limits.


            One of the activities that helps the City qualify for the CRS program is floodplain management planning.  To receive CRS credit for this activity, a community is not required to prepare its own plan, but may rather participate in a multi-hazard, multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan.  The City of Wamego has opted to participate in the Central Kansas (Region I) Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, prepared under the directive of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The City adopted the Plan August 16th, 2016.


            An annual report of progress toward implementation of the Plan is required to be made available to the Wamego Governing Body, the media and public, in order to maintain CRS credit for this activity.  This Progress Report has been prepared to meet the requirement.


            The referenced Hazard Mitigation Plan is a lengthy document that may be accessed on-line at:


            Page 5-45 of the Plan (attached) lists three hazard mitigation action items the City proposed to undertake.  Following is the 2019 update regarding each item:


Wamego-1 – Construct a community safe room.


The current status remains on-going due to lack of available funding to date.  The completion timeframe was proposed as 12-31-20 for this project, estimated at $300,000.  Note that this action item does not appear to have a direct bearing upon protecting residents from flood hazards, as the stated hazards addressed would be a tornado or windstorm.


Wamego-2 – Committed to continued participation in the NFIP.


This remained an on-going commitment throughout 2019, as was the City’s commitment to maintaining participation in the CRS.


Wamego-3 – Assess flood prone areas and recommend flood reduction measures to city planners.


The preliminary results of detailed flood hazard studies of the Wamego area were made available to the City in 2018.  These were prepared by a FEMA contractor, as part of the Middle Kansas Watershed Flood Study, and when finalized will be reflected on new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for the Wamego jurisdiction.  The City is active in assessing flood prone areas and making its findings available to the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources for consideration in the mapping project, through a working group of interested participants. 


The study discovered new flood hazard areas in the industrial area of the City, but determined that the hazards could be partially mitigated by installation of flap gates on two storm drainage pipes that outfall into a large drainage ditch along Balderson Blvd.  An engineering firm was hired in the fall of 2018 to engineer the improvements, and the installation was completed in November, 2019.


The City is also committed to assessing areas which would be prone to future flooding given the scenario of full development buildout within the watersheds feeding into the City.  Since more stormwater runoff would be generated in the future, these areas would be more extensive than the special flood hazard areas depicted on the FIRMs, as these only reflect current flood hazards.  Since this mapping project will be an enhancement based largely upon the Middle Kansas Watershed Flood Study, the City will not engage an engineering firm to conduct this assessment until the Middle Kansas Study is finalized, perhaps in 2020.             







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