2015 Building Permits

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Last year, the total valuation of building permits issued for work within the Wamego city limits was $5,472,075. This was slightly under the comparable figure for 2014 of $5,864,205, but 84% higher than the value of permits issued in 2013: $2,979,678. There were 103 City permits of various types issued throughout 2015, considerably more than the 89 permits issued in 2014 and 86 issued in 2013. The real story in 2015 was the residential building activity within the Wamego zoning jurisdiction outside the city limits, for which the City issues zoning permits. Here, nine residential permits were issued, for a total valuation of $1,995,500. In 2014 only three homes were built in the area. Nevertheless, the value of total permits issued outside the City was actually much greater in 2014: $5,299,830 than in 2015: $2,216,067 since two large non-residential projects were under construction during 2014.


Focusing on just the City itself, there were eight commercial or industrial projects in 2015 with a total valuation of $151,700. This compares with seventeen projects in 2014 having a total value of $2,320,290, indicating that 2015 was a much quieter year for these construction categories.


Conversely, it was a much more active year for Wamego residential construction, evidenced by 39 new living units built throughout the City. 24 were in multiple-family buildings, four were duplex units and eleven were detached singlefamily homes. Throughout 2014 there were 31 living units constructed. The 2015 valuation of new residential construction was $4,830,850, i.e. 66% over the 2014 figure of $2,905,000. Other residential permits went for home additions, alterations, garages and carports, sheds, decks and fences. These projects totaled $478,525 in 2015, with 70 permits issued. In 2014 the value was about the same at $474,915 although only 50 permits were issued.


Finally, the City issued six sign permits and three demolition permits during 2015, and one permit was issued to move a building through Wamego. Following is the 2015 breakout for the number of permits issued by category and their estimated value, regarding work within the city limits:


  No. Estimated Value
Commercial Buildings 1 $2,000
Commercial Addition 3 $16,000

No. Estimated Value Commercial Buildings 1 $ 2,000 Commercial Addition 3 16,000 Commercial Alteration 3 103,700 Industrial Building 1 30,000 Single-Family Residential 11 2,891,850 Two-Family Residential (4 living units) 2 600,000 Multiple-Family Residential (24 living units) 2 1,350,000 Residential Additions 6 107,718 Residential Alteration or Repair 11 206,800 Garages and Carports 9 50,900 Sheds 11 38,850 Decks 2 13,400 Fences 31 60,857 Signs 6 not reported Demolitions 3 not reported Building Moving 1 not reported TOTAL 103 $ 5,472,075


Please note that permit values are only the builder’s estimate of what a project will cost in labor and materials at the time the permit is issued. Often changes will alter the amounts after construction has started. Also, note that these values do not include the cost of the lot, or of non-structural improvements to a site, such as grading, landscaping, exterior plumbing (e.g., lawn irrigation) or “flat work” such as driveways and sidewalks.


Wamego residents are reminded to contact the City when contemplating any type of construction, including smaller projects such as fences, decks, storage sheds or sign installation. You may or may not be required to have a permit, but it is best to know your project complies with all City codes prior to incurring construction costs. Also, if you are starting a project just outside the City, but within the Wamego Zoning Jurisdiction, you must check with the City for compliance with zoning regulations, even though City building codes are not applied outside city limits. Visit the Wamego City Office or call 456-9119. Finally, if your project requires excavation, call 1-800-DIG SAFE to insure that all owners of underground utilities have a chance to mark their utility lines at your dig site. This service is free of charge and could save you a lot of grief.


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