Pet Licensing

The City requires all dogs to be licensed each year.  Dog tags are FREE during the month of January each year. Beginning in February each year the charge is $10.00 for all dogs. Come to the City Office to get a license for your dog, and remember you are required to present a current, completed certification of immunization against rabies.  The City does NOT have a breed ban on dogs. 2021 Dog Tag Registration


Animals Allowed in City Limits

The City of Wamego  passed an ordinance allowing residents to keep up to four chicken hens under a permit system that provides for annual inspection of coop and other facilities. This is mulitple step process, for more information please contact the City Office at 785-456-9119. Residents however, may be curious about a host of other animals and fowl. 


What is allowed, and what is not allowed in Wamego:


First, what is not allowed:  Swine of any type are not permitted in the City.  This includes pot-bellied pigs and micro pigs.  Other animals, collectively referred to as barnyard animals such as cows, sheep, goats, horses, etc. are not permitted, unless they are maintained on a lot or tract of at least five acres for one animal, six acres for two, and so on.  Keeping  “exotic animals”, such as monkeys, ostriches, bears, and even local wildlife such as raccoons and skunks is not permitted, except in a bona fide pet shop or educational institution under certain conditions, such as maintenance of quarters in a sanitary condition and to prevent escape.  Poisonous snakes and other animals are not allowed, but constrictor snakes up to six feet in length are permitted.


What about ducks and rabbits?  There seem to be no express requirements preventing them, however, care must be taken to prevent facilities from becoming a nuisance due to accumulation of droppings, etc.  Then of course, dogs and cats are permitted, but are subject to a two pet limit.  Caring for more than two pets (dogs and/or cats) over three months old is not permitted unless in a properly zoned kennel located in an agricultural zone, and by special use permit only, granted by the Wamego Board of Zoning Appeals.  “Running at large” of any owned animal is considered a violation.  This means allowing your pet out without a leash, on a tether or in a completely fenced yard.


As you can see, there are many specific requirements regarding animals.  If you are considering getting a pet but are unsure if it is allowed, don’t hesitate to contact the Wamego City Office.          


Contact the City


CALL: (785) 456-9119

430 Lincoln Avenue PO Box 86
Wamego, KS 66547

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