City Commission and Boards

The City of Wamego is governed by a five member Commission-Manager form of government. The City Commission is elected at large by the registered voters of Wamego. Then, the City Commission members appoint a City Manager to direct many of the City's affairs on a day to day basis.


Wamego City Commissioners

Dr. William Ditto - Mayor 

Clifford Baughman

Thomas Beem

Michele Jacobs

Richard Weixelman 


There are also many City Boards and Committees including:


All City meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged not only to attend meetings, but to offer more direct participation in City government by serving on a board or commission. Applications are available at the Wamego City Office.


Please note that some meetings may be rescheduled in special circumstances. Residency requirements apply to most positions and all appointments are subject to approval by the City Commission.


Contact the City to confirm meeting times and inquire about vacancies.


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is the City board whose primary focus is on the future of Wamego, with respect to development of land, regulation of land uses, provision of public facilities and services, etc.  As an advisory board, the Planning Commission conducts public hearings and makes recommendations to the Wamego Governing Body on planning related matters, such as approval of subdivisions, rezoning applications and master plans for City infrastructure.  It is also charged with the responsibility for maintaining the Comprehensive Plan.  The Commission meets at 6:00 PM the third Monday of each month in the City Commission room on the second floor of the Wamego City Office, at 430 Lincoln Avenue.


The City of Wamego has authority to apply its zoning and subdivision regulations outside the City limits, within the “extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction”.  Thus, by State law, two members of the Planning Commission must reside outside Wamego, within three miles of the City limits.   The remaining five members must be residents of the City.  All members serve three year terms.


Board of Zoning Appeals

The Wamego Board of Zoning Appeals makes decisions in cases where applicants seek a variance from the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance to accommodate a building or structure.  It also reviews applications for special use permits and home occupations, where proposed activities are not ordinarily permissible on the subject property.  When cases are presented, the Board meets at 6:00 PM the fourth Monday of the month, in the City Commission room, on the second floor of the Wamego City Office, at 430 Lincoln Avenue.


The City of Wamego is authorized to apply its Zoning Ordinance outside the City limits, within the "extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction."  Thus, by State law, one member of the Board of Zoning Appeals must reside within this jurisdiction.  The State also provides that one member of the Board be a member of the Planning Commission.  This person is appointed annually by the Planning Commission.  The remaining four members of the Board of Zoning Appeals serve three year terms.


Contact the City


Airport Board

The City owns a small airport, located two miles east of Wamego on Airport Road.  The Airport has one paved and lighted runway, and currently has six hangars for based aircraft. The five member Airport Board is the body directly responsible for establishing policies for the Wamego Municipal Airport, and maintaining the facility.  Members serve three year terms.  Must live within 3 miles of Wamego to serve on this board. Interest and knowledge of general aviation is helpful. Meetings are held at 7:30 P.M. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Wamego Police Department, 408 Elm Street.


Construction Board of Appeals

The nine member Construction Board of Appeals is composed of City licensed contractors in various trades, and hears cases where a contractor or homeowner wishes to employ alternate materials or construction methods that are not ordinarily permitted or addressed by the adopted codes.  The Board also may resolve any disputes regarding licensing of contractors for work in Wamego.  The Board meets on an as needed basis.  


Members serve a three year term, must hold a current contractor’s license from the City of Wamego, and for certain trades, must possess a master or journeyman certification.


Contact the City


Hospital Board

The Wamego Health Center (Hospital) is located on a 6.5 acre tract at 711 Genn Drive.  The City owns the land and the 40,000 square foot Hospital facility.  However, the daily administration of the Hospital is conducted by the Wamego Hospital Association.  The Hospital Board oversees the management of the land and building itself, but does not provide oversight of Hospital program administration.


Hospital Board members serve a five year term.  The Board meets at Noon, the first Wednesday of each month, in the Conference Room at the Wamego Health Center.


Housing Authority

The City of Wamego has one housing project, Northview-- built in 1972 with federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Located at 1201 Chrysler Drive, the project includes four duplexes and six four-plexes, totaling 32 dwelling units, plus a community building.


The project is managed by an Executive Director, with the oversight of the Housing Authority, in accordance with state and federal requirements.   Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at noon in the Community Building at 1201 Chrysler Drive.  Members serve a four year term.  There is no residency requirement to serve on the Housing Authority.


Library Board

The Wamego Public Library is located at 431 Lincoln Avenue, across the street from the City Office.


The Wamego Public Library is governed by the WPL Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the Wamego Governing Body. The Board utilizes property tax revenues and State funds to support Library facilities, staff and services, makes policy decisions governing activities at the Library, and approves expenditures.  Day to day operations are managed by the Library Director.


Board members serve four year terms.  Meetings are held at 6:00 PM, the second Tuesday of each month, at the Library.


Street Advisory Committee

This committee evaluates existing roadway infrastructure within the City limits.  They meet on an as needed basis and make recommendations to the Wamego City Commission for major maintanence projects to ensure quality streets.


Park and Recreation Advisory Board


The Park and Recreation Advisory Board is consulted for land acquisition, large purchases or new Recreation programs. The Wamego Recreation Department provides a wide range of activities and programs for residents of almost any age, including t-ball, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, and crafts.  The Recreation Advisory Board assists the Department by providing policy direction with respect to new Recreation programs.  Board members are not required to be residents of the City, but should have a strong desire to promote an active lifestyle among residents of the Wamego community.  The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month (or as needed) at 6:00 PM in the City Commission room, 2nd floor of the Wamego City Office at 430 Lincoln Avenue. All members serve a four-year term.


Youth Sports & Recreation Programs

Adult Sports & Recreation Programs


Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Wamego Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is organized under a contract between the City of Wamego and the Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of promoting tourism in and around Wamego, in a manner that strengthens the local economy and enriches the quality of life.  The Bureau is funded by revenues from the transient guest tax.  Members serve two year terms.  Meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at noon, at the Chamber of Commerce office at 529 Lincoln Avenue.

Contact the City for information about the CVB.





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