City Commission Minutes 10/01/2019

Regular Meeting:


The Governing Body of the City of Wamego, Kansas, met in Regular Session on Tuesday, October 01, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Commission Chambers at 430 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kansas.  Those present were; Mayor Thomas Beem, Commissioners; Richard Weixelman, Leslie Dugan, Clifford Baughman and William Ditto.  


Also present were:  Interim City Manager, Stacie Eichem, City Clerk, Shanda Jahnke, and City Attorney, Edward Pugh.


The City Clerk presented the minutes of the regular meeting of the Governing Body held on September 17, 2019.  After a careful reading and discussion thereof, it was moved by Commissioner Ditto and seconded by Commissioner Dugan to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.   


The City Clerk then submitted to the Governing Body for their consideration and approval Appropriation Ordinance No. 1582.  After a careful review and discussion thereof, Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Commissioner Weixelman, to approve and adopt Appropriation Ordinance Number 1581.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Public Comments and Communications:


The next regular work session will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 4:30 P.M.


Hazel Douglas complaint:


Ms. Hazel Douglas was present to voice her concerns over potholes. She is concerned about a manhole on 8th Street and a patch on concrete on 6th Street by the park. After a brief discussion, the Governing Body thanked Ms. Douglas for her time and advised the Interim City Manager would speak with the public works department regarding her concerns.


Wamego Public Library- Storywalk:


Darcie Hildebrand, Library Director and Bryan Newell of Riley Construction were present to request approval to move forward with the storywalk project at the recreation complex. They reported the cost of the project would be approximately $6835.80 without the concrete. While working out a plan with Shad, the parks supervisor, he advised them that he wanted larger concrete pads than originally planned and Bryan reported that requirement would add roughly $5,000 to the project. After a brief discussion on concrete pad sizes, Commissioner Dugan moved to authorize the project contingent upon Shad agreeing with the smaller pads being moved into the grass. Commissioner Weixelman seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Noise Complaint- Ana Clark:


Ana Clark was present to report that the previous weekend a band had planned at 4th and Elm until after midnight. After doing some research into the issue, it was discovered that the City does not have a noise ordinance but a nuisance ordinance. She requested the Governing Body consider a noise ordinance that would make door bands, with the exception of City sponsored events, to end at 10 P.M. if within 500 feet of a residential area. The Governing Body agreed that a noise ordinance should be looked into and directed City staff to research the issue.


Kansas Gas Service contract:


Stacie Eichem reported this issue had been discussed before with more information needed. The Kansas Gas Service line will be moved for the Industrial Commerce Route on Valley Road.  Originally the contract did not have a cap on the cost to the City. After the City Attorney reviewed the contract, he agreed it would acceptable to accept the contract as proposed. Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Commissioner Dugan to accept the agreement and the estimated cost of $81,000 to move the gas line on Valley prior to the Industrial Commerce Route project. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Resolution No. 20191001 – sale of bonds:


Resolution No. 20191001 was presented and read as follows:




Commissioner Ditto moved to approve Resolution No. 20191001. Commissioner Baughman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Industrial Park Parking Request:


Scott Kohl, Highland Community College, reported Highland purchased a winery in the industrial park and doesn’t have the funds to build a parking lot. He was present to request on street parking for the industrial park. The Governing Body explained that they were not going to overturn their recent decision on parking in the industrial park and that technically the college needs to have their own parking lot. After a brief discussion, Scott advised he would have to speak the administration for the college for guidance on a parking lot extension. Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Commissioner Ditto to table this issue until the next regular meeting. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0


Aquatic Center Landscaping and Irrigation:


The City Manager advised the parks supervisor had received estimates to move the cannon in the park and install a retaining wall and sod or seed on the north side of the aquatic center. The cannon would be moved by City staff and a concrete pad poured by the historical museum at a cost of $1200- 1500.  The cost of the retaining wall, seed and irrigation was estimated at approximately $16,000. Commissioner Ditto moved to approve the cost of the items requesting that the parks supervisor try to save as much as possible. Commissioner Baughman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0


Auction Items – Purple Wave:


Stacie Eichem requested permission to auction an uncertified bucket truck, the Sonoma truck from the parks department and approximately 2000 water meters through Purple Wave. Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Commissioner Dugan to approve auctioning off the items. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0


Facility Maintenance:


The City Manager reported the power plant engines are due for the catalyst certification in 2020. The contract has to be signed now in order to get on the schedule for the testing in the spring of 2020. Two proposals for the testing were received, Olsson had a cost of $21,500 and Power Plant Compliance had a cost of $16,500. It was the staff recommendation to accept the proposal from Power Plant Compliance. Commission Ditto moved to approve signing with Power Plant Compliance for catalyst certification. Commissioner Baughman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Stacie reported that KDHE has issued a stream advisory due to a regular inspection of the waste water plant that involved sample testing. The samples were above accepted limits. The City is working to repair equipment that was not working.


Personnel Policy amendment:


Stacie Eichem advised a request had been made for employees to be able to donate their “sick time” to other employees in a time of need. Commissioner Ditto moved, seconded by Commissioner Weixelman to allow sick leave donation contingent upon City Attorney review of the policy. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


City Manager and Other Reports:


The overlay on Kaw Valley Road is scheduled to begin October 11th. The indoor pool is having more users.


The Housing Authority minutes were included in the packets.


Annual League Conference reminder.


City sales tax is up 3.97% and the County sales tax is up 1.84%


At this time, Commissioner Baughman moved to adjourn into executive session for a period of five (5) minutes to discuss potential litigation with the meeting reconvening at 7:05 P.M.  Commissioner Weixelman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.


The meeting reconvened at 7:05 P.M.


No further business appearing, meeting was adjourned.



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