City Commission Minutes 09/04/2018

Regular Meeting:


The Governing Body of the City of Wamego, Kansas, met in Regular Session on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Commission Chambers at 430 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kansas. Those present were; Mayor Pro-Tem Thomas Beem, Commissioners; William Ditto, Richard Weixelman and Clifford Baughman. Mayor Robert Morse Jr. was absent.


Also present were:  City Manager, Merl Page, City Clerk, Shanda Jahnke, City Treasurer, Stacie Eichem and Assistant City Attorney, Jake Pugh.


The City Clerk presented the minutes of the regular meeting of the Governing Body held on August 21, 2018.  After a careful reading and discussion thereof, it was moved by Commissioner Baughman and seconded by Commissioner Ditto to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.  Aye: 4, Nay: 0. 


The City Clerk then submitted to the Governing Body for their consideration and approval Appropriation Ordinance No. 1556.  After a careful review and discussion thereof, Commissioner Weixelman moved, seconded by Commissioner Baughman, to approve and adopt Appropriation Ordinance Number 1556.  Motion carried.   Aye: 4, Nay:  0.


Public Comments and Communications:


Mayor Pro-Tem Beem called for a regular work session on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 4:30 P.M.


2017 Audit Presentation – Reese & Novelly:   


Tyler Boxberger was present to give the City of Wamego’s annual audit report. The City of Wamego had a clean audit without any major problems for 2017. Tyler recommended supervisor’s sign or initial each invoice prior to processing and reissuing or sending checks that have not been cashed into the State, if applicable. Commissioner Weixelman moved to approve the audit as presented. Commissioner Baughman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   Aye: 4, Nay:  0.   


An agreement to sign with Reese & Novelly through 12/31/2020 was presented with approximately a 4% increase each year. Commissioner Ditto moved, seconded by Commissioner Baughman, to accept the agreement with Reese & Novelly going through 12/31/2020. Motion carried.   Aye: 4, Nay:  0.   


Library Update:


Bryan McBride and Brad Ross were present to update the Governing Body on the potential Library renovation process.  BBN Architects has been chosen as the “architect of record” for the project.


Electric Service Territory Transfer Request- Arlo Stockebrand:


Arlo Stockebrand was present to request the City of Wamego release the utility service to Bluestem for a house he is building north of the City in the City’s service territory due to the cost of installation. After a lengthy discussion, Commissioner Baughman moved to table this issue until the next regular meeting, pending more information.  Commissioner Weixelman seconded the motion. Motion carried. Aye: 4, Nay: 0.


Board Appointment- Recreation Advisory Board:


The City Manager requested tabling this appointment until an official resignation letter has been received. Commissioner Ditto moved, seconded by Commission Baughman, to table an appointment for the Recreation Advisory Board until a formal vacancy exists.  Motion carried.   Aye: 4, Nay:  0.


CMB License - LaHacienda:  


The City Treasurer reported an application for a cereal malt beverage license had been received for LaHacienda. Commissioner Baughman moved to approve a cereal malt beverage license for LaHacienda, contingent on passing inspections by the Chief of Police and Fire Chief. Commissioner Beem seconded the motion. Motion carried. Aye: 4, Nay: 0.


City Manager and Other Reports:


Merl reported construction on the building at the power plant had started.


He also reported during the pool excavation, footings from an older pool had been located.  When additional excavation is needed it will come out of the allotted contingency funds for this project and a change order will not be needed until the contingency funds are used.


The City monthly calendar was included in the meeting packet.


City sales tax is up 8.09% and the county sales tax is up 6.82% from this time last year.


At this time, Commissioner Baughman moved to adjourn into executive session for a period of five (5) minutes to discuss potential acquisition of property, and that the Commission would reconvene at 7:15 PM.  Commissioner Weixelman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye: 4, Nay:  0.


The meeting reconvened at 7:15 PM. 


No further business appearing, meeting was adjourned.



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