City Commission Minutes 07/19/2016


Regular Meeting:


The Governing Body of the City of Wamego, Kansas, met in Regular Session on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at 6:00 P.M. in the City Commission Chambers at 430 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kansas. Those present were: Mayor Clifford Baughman; Commissioners: Victor Enns, William Ditto, Thomas Beem, and Robert Morse Jr.


Also present were:  City Manager, Merl Page, City Clerk, Shanda Jahnke and Assistant City Attorney, Jake Pugh.  


The City Clerk presented the minutes of the regular meeting of the Governing Body held on July 5, 2016.  After a careful reading and discussion thereof, it was moved by Commissioner Beem and seconded by Commissioner Morse to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.  Aye:  5, Nay: 0. 


The City Clerk then submitted to the Governing Body for their consideration and approval Appropriation Ordinance No. 1505.  After a careful review and discussion thereof, Commissioner Ditto moved, seconded by Commissioner Enns, to approve and adopt Appropriation Ordinance Number 1505.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


Public Comments and Communications:


Mayor Baughman called for a regular work session on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 4:30 P.M.   The City Manager reminded the Governing Body of the budget work session, followed by a special meeting to approve the publication notice for the 2017 budget, on July 25, 2016 at 5:30 PM. 


2015 Audit Presentation – Reese & Novelly:   


 Michelle Morton was present to give the City of Wamego’s annual audit report. The City of Wamego had a clean audit without any major problems for 2015. The auditors recommend cross training for the Court Clerk at the Wamego Police Department. It was recommended that the Wamego Public Library have a third party assist with the reconciliation process. After a banking error was discovered, it was also recommended that the fire department accounts be monitored quarterly. Merl Page reported the City Treasurer would monitor the fire department account.  Alicia Paddock, Library Board member, reported the board was aware of the issue with the library reconciliation and would be following up. Commissioner Enns moved to approve the audit as presented. Commissioner Morse seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.   


Bid Review/Approval – 4th Street Project:   


Merl Page reported after further review of the proposed project, it was the staff recommendation to reject all of the 4th Street Project bids and send the plans back for modification and rebid. Commissioner Ditto moved to reject all 4th Street Project bids, modify the plans and rebid the project at a later date. Commissioner Beem seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


Contract Approval – City Office Security Project:


The City Manager advised the contract had been received from Riley Construction for the City Office Security Project. The City Attorney advised he reviewed the contract and found everything in order. Commissioner Enns moved to authorize the mayor to sign the contract for the City Office security project. Commissioner Morse seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


Carnival Agreement:       


Merl Page reported the contract for 2017 from Evans Midland Empire had a significant date change, July 4th through July 8th. After noting the date change, Merl spoke with each organization that works together for the 4th of July festival to their opinion of the date change. All of the organizations were in agreement that the carnival should run within the time frame of June 30th to July 5th. Commissioner Ditto moved to authorize the City Manager to enter into negotiations with Evans Midland to get the dates of the 2017 carnival within the June 30th – July 5th time frame. Commissioner Beem seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Aye:  5, Nay:  0.


Recreation Advisory Recommendations:


The City Manager reported the Recreation Advisory Board had several recommendations after the July 13th board meeting. It was the board’s recommendation to accept the British Soccer Camp as part of Crossroads Soccer program and to have members of Crossroads and the City meet to clarify field utilization, as well as general policies and procedures. It was also the recommendation of the board to charge Crossroads Soccer a field use fee. Commissioner Ditto moved to authorize staff to meet with members of Crossroads to negotiate the field use amount while clarifying field use and procedures.  Commissioner Enns seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Aye:  5, Nay:  0.


Back To School Run Request:


Merl Page advised that he received a request from for the annual back to school run to be held on August 13, 2016 from 7:30 -10:00 A.M.. Commissioner Enns moved to approve the 4th Annual Back to School Run. Commissioner Beem seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.



 Board Appointment – Planning Commission:


The City Manager reported he had received an application from Bryan Newell for the Planning Commission.  Mayor Baughman appointed Bryan Newell to the Planning Commission to fill the vacated extraterritorial term, which expires August 31, 2018.


City Manager and Other Reports:


Merl Page advised the library minutes, finances and statistics were included in the meeting packets. He asked the Governing Body to consider a day and time for an open house for the Power Plant. The Kansas Government Journal was passed out, as well as a letter from the Kansas League of Municipalities.


At this time, Commissioner Beem moved to adjourn into executive session for a period of fifteen (15) minutes for Attorney-Client privilege and would reconvene at 7:02 PM. Commission Ditto seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye:  5, Nay:  0.


The Mayor called the meeting back to order at 7:02 PM.


No further business appearing, meeting was adjourned.



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