City Commission Minutes 07/02/2019

The Governing Body of the City of Wamego, Kansas, met in Regular Session on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Commission Chambers at 430 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kansas.  Those present were; Mayor Thomas Beem, Commissioners; William Ditto, Richard Weixelman, Leslie Dugan and Clifford Baughman.  


Also present were:  City Manager, Merl Page, City Clerk, Shanda Jahnke, City Treasurer, Stacie Eichem and Assistant City Attorney, Jake Pugh.


Hazel Douglas had called after the agenda had been published.  Mayor Beem asked Ms. Douglas what she wanted to discuss. She advised she was unhappy with a bump in the street at 6th and Maple. The City Manager advised he would look at the area in question. Mayor Beem thanked Ms. Douglas for her time. 


The City Clerk presented the minutes of the regular meeting of the Governing Body held on June 18, 2019.  After a careful reading and discussion thereof, it was moved by Commissioner Baughman and seconded by Commissioner Ditto to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.   


The City Clerk then submitted to the Governing Body for their consideration and approval Appropriation Ordinance No. 1576.  After a careful review and discussion thereof, Commissioner Weixelman moved, seconded by Commissioner Baughman, to approve and adopt Appropriation Ordinance Number 1576.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Public Comments and Communications:


Mayor Beem called for a regular work session on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 4:30 P.M, with a joint work session with the Library board on July 9, 2019 at the library at 5:00 PM.   


Merl Page reminded the Governing Body of the budget work session on July 25, 2019 at 5:15 P.M. with a special meeting following at 6:00 P.M.


Truck (Semi) Parking Review:


Michael Baker was present to request the Governing Body review the issue of semi parking on 4th Street by the Dutch mill. He is a private truck driver and feels that the City needs to provide parking for truck drivers. He contacted the UPRR and was advised that the City can apply for parking permission. The Governing Body advised the City would do more research on the issue. The City Manager asked Mr. Baker to provide the number for his contact with the railroad. He advised he would send the number to the City Manager.  In addition, a listserv question would be sent out to see what other cities might be doing regarding this matter.


USD 320 Funding Request- Drug Program:


Tim Winter gave an update on the drug testing program. He is requesting additional funding with an unspecified amount for continued support for another year.  He advised 243 students had been tested in the previous two years. All students in KSHAA activities, which includes sports, choir, debate, etc.) are subject to the testing. Mr. Winter presented statistics stating lower numbers of drug use with the students surveyed as well as the lower number of positive test results within USD 320.  Richie Chrest was present to oppose the USD 320 drug testing program. Mr. Chrest advised he feels this program violates the 2nd amendment rights of the children and the statistics presented were not accurate.  Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Mayor Beem, to approve $5,000 for the USD drug program. Motion carried. Aye: 4, Nay: 1, Commissioner Weixelman voted against the motion. 


Recruitment Consultant Review:


The City Manager reported the League of Kansas Municipalities offers a program to assist in the process of hiring management for its members at a lower rate than private firms. A league representative had been present at the work session to explain the process. Commissioner Baughman moved to authorize contracting with the League for assistance in hiring a replacement for current City Manager, Merl Page, contingent upon City Attorney review.  Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion.  Assistant City Attorney, Jake Pugh, advised he had reviewed and approved of the contract. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Salary Review:


Merl Page reported every couple of years he reviews the competitiveness of the wages with other municipalities. In reviewing a salary survey published by the League of Kansas Municipalities by titles not merit, the overall increase would be approximately $30,000 annually. This amount was in the budget due to the transition from sick leave to PTO. Commissioner Ditto moved to approve the recommended salary adjustments. Commissioner Weixelman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Industrial Commerce Route Signage:


The City Manager advised he had received a paperwork from KDOT that the City needed to let them know if the City is wanted to designate the Industrial Commerce Route as a designated truck route. Commissioner Baughman moved, seconded by Commissioner Weixelman to designate the Industrial Commerce Route as a truck route. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


YE Transfers – 2018:


Commissioner Ditto moved to authorize the 2018-year end transfers, as presented. Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


Aquatic Operations Update/Review:


Merl Page requested permission to accept or negotiate the change order for the ADA sidewalk for the splash park provided the cost is what he feels would be acceptable without holding a special meeting. He also advised there will be $300-400 for vinyl fencing around the condensers outside of the facility. Commissioner Ditto moved to authorize Merl Page to accept or negotiate the change order for the sidewalk to the splash park. Commissioner Baughman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


He also reported the aquatic facility is scheduled to be signed over to the City on approximately July 8th with a target opening of the week of July 15th for the outdoor facility and September 1st for the indoor pool.  He also recommended allowing outdoor pool passes and punch cards to expire at the end of the 2020 season due to the opening extensions. Commissioner Baughman moved to extend the expiration date of 2019 outdoor pool passes and punch cards to the end of the season 2020. Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion. Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0.


City Manager and Other Reports:


Senator Moran will be at WTC at 9:30 on July 5th for a community visit.


The Housing Authority minutes and KS Government Journal were included in the meeting packet, as well as an announcement of an award for the Sunflower Journeys series producer with first place for his Totos around Town episode.


City sales tax was up 6.92% and the County was up 1.59%


No further business appearing, meeting was adjourned.


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