City Commission Minutes 02/04/2020

The Governing Body of the City of Wamego, Kansas, met in Regular Session on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Commission Chambers at 430 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kansas.  Those present were; Mayor Richard Weixelman, Commissioners; Thomas Beem, Clifford Baughman, Leslie Dugan and William Ditto.  


Also present were:  City Manager, Stacie Eichem, Deputy City Clerk, Connie McGee, and Assistant City Attorney, Jake Pugh.


The Deputy City Clerk presented the minutes of the regular meeting of the Governing Body held on January 21, 2020. After a careful reading and discussion thereof, it was moved by Commissioner Baughman and seconded by Commissioner Dugan to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.   


The Deputy City Clerk then submitted to the Governing Body for their consideration and approval Appropriation Ordinance No. 1590.  After a careful review and discussion thereof, Commissioner Ditto moved, seconded by Commissioner Baughman, to approve and adopt Appropriation Ordinance Number 1590.  Motion carried.   Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Public Comments and Communications:


The next regular work session will be held on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 4:30 P.M.


Library Renovation Update:


Eric Benson and Darci Hildebrand said they have been getting positive feedback from local businesses regarding the fundraising effort for the renovations.  They will continue fundraising with plans to put a question to the voters on the November ballot.  They will keep the Commissioners updated on their progress.  


Cedarbrook Lot D Final Plat:


Commissioner Ditto moved to approve the Replat for Lot D in Cedarbrook with contingencies, two variances and a sidewalk deferral. The first variance was on lot 1, twelve and a half building setback and lot 2, 20 feet building setback.  The second variance was eliminating the rear easement across the back of the lot, except the SW corner of lot 2.  The City will not upsize the water line, but will up phase the electric to a 3.  One contingency is the landowner must connect to the City sewer system if the property line is within 100 feet of the City sewer. Another contingency was the approval of the sewer system by the Planning Commission.  Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye: 4, Nay: 1, with Commissioner Baughman voting against the motion.


Convention and Visitors Bureau:


Commissioner Beem moved to continue our partnership with the Convention and Visitors Bureau and to increase our support from $22,500 to $25,000.  Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.


31st Assault Helicopter Battalion Group:


Chaplain Joshua Barney from the 31st Assault Helicopter Battalion Group out of Ft. Riley showed a short video.  The battalion is back from deployment and would like to get involved with our community in any way they can.   The Commissioners thanked them for their service and look forward to working with them.


Purple PAWS Request:


Susan Clasen and Georgia Wilde (shelter manager) reported that the shelter has been operating on $800 a month for over 15 years without an increase in pay.  It was also brought up that they accepted the contract a little over a year ago.  Purple PAWS reported they were over $7,500 in the hole for 2019.  They indicated that they didn’t intend to renew their contract with the City without a monetary increase.  PPAWS reported that in 2019 they had 51 dogs from the City, 11 from the County and kept 29 (47%) of them.  The Commission would like to see a Profit & Loss Statement for only the Wamego shelter and asked them to come back with the statement when they had a specific request. 


Manhattan Area Technical College:


James Genandt, President of Manhattan Area Technical College, asked the Commission to consider waiving the permit fees for the renovation of the old Bluestem building.  MATC is hoping to begin having classes there in August of 2020.  Commissioner Baughman moved to approve waiving the permit fees not to exceed $2,000.  Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay:  0. 


Burn Site Rule Update and Review:


City Manager, Stacie Eichem reported that burning continues.  She has proposals to clean up the burn piles.  The Commissioners asked her to get some adjusted proposals so that they can decide how much they want to do for the cleanup.


Parks Department – Equipment Request:


The City Manager advised that the Parks Department was in need of a new mower.  The cost would be $15,361.80 after the trade-in of the old Grasshopper mower.  Commissioner Baughman moved to approve the purchase.  Commissioner Dugan seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Aye: 5, Nay: 0.


City Manager and Other Reports:


The street sweeper has been used lately.  The Public Works Department is trying to get on a schedule as to allow people to move their vehicles off the streets for future cleanings.


Nowak Construction is in town and starting to work on the Valley Street Project.


Sales tax for the month for the County was down 3.1% and down 7.2% for the City.


Reminder of the upcoming Ag Appreciation Night on February 15th


No further business appearing, meeting was adjourned.


                                                                  /s/ Richard Weixelman, Mayor                           




/s/ Shanda Jahnke, City Clerk


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