Resident FAQs

How do I reserve the train, train depot or a shelter in the park? What are the train hours?


How do I get a permit and what needs a permit?


Does Wamego have a breed ban on dogs?

  • Wamego does not have a breed ban on dogs. Please view our Pets section for pet rules and regulations.


When will the snow plows get to my street? Does the City have parking restrictions during a snow event?

  • The City has a snow route where emergency routes are cleared first, then secondary streets, and then the remainder of town will be plowed.

  • The City does not have restrictions on street parking during a snow event; however, cars parked on the street may have more snow around them from the plows pushing the snow off of the streets.


How do I report a street light out, tree limbs on power lines, potholes, etc.?


Who do I contact to report a power outage?


Where can I get information about Utilities?

  • Please visit our Utilities FAQs

CALL: (785) 456-9119

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Wamego, KS 66547

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