The City of Wamego provides electric, water and sewer utilities to its residents. The city operates its own electric generating and distribution system, generating electricity only during peak demand (summer) while purchasing power from Western Resources the remainder of the year. This allows the city to choose the least costly method of providing electricity and offers protection against regional power outage. A series of deep wells provides city water with a total pumping capacity of 1.8 million gallons per day. The city's wastewater treatment plant provides primary treatment for sanitary sewage.

City Offices   430 Lincoln Ave., Wamego, KS 66547 – 785-456-9119


Other Utilities and Numbers

Kansas Gas Service - 1-800-794-4780

Wamego Telecommunications (phone,cable and internet services) 1-785-456-1000

Wamego Computer (internet) 1-785-456-7272

Tri-Country Waste (trash service) - 1-785-456-8777

Waste Management (trash service) 1-785-776-7077

A-1 Trash Service (trash service)1-785-587-0229