The Wamego Public Library is located at 431 Lincoln Ave., across the street from the City Office. 

The Library is a vital cultural feature of the local community, making scholarship and ideas available to all residents of the Wamego area.  Currently, the Library has about 28,000 items available to borrowers or for reference, including books, periodicals, audio and visual materials.  Annual circulation is around 60,000.

The library’s website is:

The Wamego Public Library is governed by the WPL Board of Trustees, which is, appointed by the Wamego Governing Body. The Board utilizes property tax revenues to support Library facilities, staff and services, makes policy decisions governing activities at the Library, and approves expenditures.  Day to day operations are managed by the Library Director. 

Board members serve four year terms.  Meetings are held at 7:30 PM, the second Tuesday of each month, at the Library.

Leah Kulikowski, Library Director