Electric Production and Distribution

The City of Wamego provides electric power to about 2,130 customers, including about 37 customers located outside the City but within the City’s Electric Service Territory.  The City purchases wholesale power from Westar Energy.  This power is delivered to Wamego at 34.5 kilovolts via an interconnection, and stepped down to the City’s two distribution voltages:  7,200V and 2,400V.  The City owns and maintains about 36 miles of distribution lines, roughly divided equally among overhead and underground lines.

From June 15th through September 15th each year, the City’s Power Plant, located at 1001 Third Street, is on call to generate electricity to meet on-peak demand.  The Plant allows the City the option of providing the least expensive electricity to its customers during this period.  The Plant also generates in the event there is a loss of power to the City from the interconnection at any time of the year.  The Power Plant houses eight duel fuel (natural gas/diesel) internal combustion engines, each equipped with a generator.  Nameplate capacity of the Plant totals 12,195 kilowatts.  Peak demand for the City can now approach 13,000 kilowatts, so the City purchases supplemental hydropower from the Grand River Dam Authority (Oklahoma) to cover our demand.  This energy is available from the Westar interconnection.

The City’s Electric Production Department  operates the Power Plant.  During the “off season”, Department employees maintain the units in top condition and assist other departments.  This helps the City meet temporary increases in workloads without hiring additional employees.

The City’s Electric Distribution Department is housed in the City Shop building, located at 415 Ash Street.  Duties of this department include installing services to new customers, maintaining the existing system, reading meters, and connecting/disconnecting power to customers.  Most overhead line extensions are contracted out, but the City’s crew has undertaken several large underground extensions.

The City is responsible for maintaining primary and secondary electric lines, to and including the meter, except that in the case of overhead service, the customer must provide the roof mast and building conduit to the meter, and the wiring from the meter through the mast.  Customer service and billing is conducted at the City Office at 430 Lincoln Ave.    

The Electric Production and Electric Distribution Departments are under the authority of the Wamego Governing Body, managed by the City Manager and the Electric Production and Electric Distribution Supervisors.  The electric utility is the largest single component of Wamego’s government, with revenues representing over one third of the total.  Although much of the receipts pay for power purchased from Westar Energy, the utility is still able to help finance the general fund.  Another community benefit is the furnishing of free power for street lights, municipal buildings and parks.


  • Shanda Jahnke, Utility Billing Clerk
  • Chuck Asbury, Electric Production Supervisor
    785-456-9697 (Power Plant)
  • Rick Brazzle, Electric Distribution Supervisor
    785-456-2557 (City Shop)


  • During business hours (8-5, Mon. thru Fri.)  contact the Wamego City Office:
  • After business hours contact the Wamego Police Department administrative number:  785-456-9553.